[thelist] ftp synchronization tool

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Fri Sep 26 13:45:17 CDT 2003

not to flog the dead horse, but BeyondCompare gives you a choice of 
comparison criteria to determine what constitutes a file change. The 
default is the timestamp (with timezone accomodations), but you can do a 
binary or text, rules based comparison.
A rules-based comparison on 1000s of files will take a while - I had a 
project recently that involved regular merges of almost 1GB in tens of 
thousands of files - and it took maybe 20 minutes to compare. But it 

saying that, I've not done the automation and scheduling you're asking 
for, I've only looked over the scripting docs to confirm that most of 
what I'd want to do is supported.


Sarah wrote:

> Well, I've tried several of the suggestions (vuBrief, FTP Voyager, 
> SynchroMagic, WS_FTP Pro), none of which seems to quite work. 

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