[thelist] css: horizontal nav too long

Alida Ladak Alida_Ladak at otpp.com
Fri Sep 26 19:24:50 CDT 2003

hi all,

I'm new to the list and new to using css.  I'm taking an existing html site
and converting it piecemeal  with css. I've replaced the javascript in the
3-tiered navigation with css, and most of it works beautifully.  I'm having
difficulty with the 3rd level.  It's a horizontal nav with 7 <li> where the
wording goes past the width that's defined (no tisking please... I intend
to remove the fixed-width in the next release).  I've tried inserting <br>
tags within the <li><a href="x">, but nothing happens.

any suggestions?

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