[thelist] CF: Query runs slower in ColdFusion than in Oracle

Buffington, Michael michael.buffington at office.xerox.com
Mon Oct 6 17:48:16 CDT 2003

I might have missed this, but I have a question:

How are you executing the query within CF? Using the CFQUERY tag or the CFSTOREDPROC tag? And also, what version of CF is this? Is the query returning a refcursor?

I have a fairly complex query that runs drastically slower in CF than it does within Oracle (well, Toad), and I can't figure out why.  (I'll include the query at the end of this e-mail).  It seems to me that if a query takes 2 seconds for Oracle to process, it shouldn't take much longer (if any longer) when cfquery is run.  It certainly shouldn't take 30 seconds to run.

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