[thelist] Oracle Resources

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Mon Oct 6 18:04:53 CDT 2003

> I start in two weeks

congrats, and i'm sure you'll do fine, they wouldn't have hired you
with no oracle experience if the switch was too hard to make

there are minor differences in syntax in the core sql language

a couple of the main ones off the top of my head --

  - sequences instead of identity columns
  - date functions substantially different
  - rownum can be used to advantage

the transition from transact-sql to pl/sql should be really easy for you

the best recommendation i can offer is read the online oracle manuals

you will need to register, but it's free


> Does Oracle have something like MSDE

they have a "lite" version and a "personal" version

i have not tried these yet myself, so if you do, could you please report
back on which one (if either) is free, and how long it works, and how badly
it's crippled



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