[thelist] CF: Query runs slower in ColdFusion than in Oracle

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Mon Oct 6 18:31:29 CDT 2003

rudy & scott,

> From: rudy
> > I have a fairly complex query
> that is the understatement of the month, if not the year

+1 to that.


scott, i commend you for barely having your head around the database.

> if it's exactly the same query in toad as in cf, then
> it's gotta be something in the way they handle the
> communication
> do you see execution timings both ways?
> how many records are being returned?  does toad show
> them all, or does it perhaps come back real fast with
> the first twenty, whereas cf is not coming back until
> it has them all?

a quick way to test this is to set maxrows on the <cfquery> to 1.

a couple more questions, is the database server and coldfusion located on
the same machine?  if not, how are they connected and are you accessing them
via toad in the same manner that cf does?

do you get any performance gains by tweaking the blockfactor setting of

which database driver are you using for coldfusion?



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