[thelist] Oracle Resources

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Mon Oct 6 21:49:44 CDT 2003

> - "Oracle personal edition supports single user development and
> deployment that require full computability with Oracle8i and Oracle8i
> enterprise Edition."
> - "Oracle8i Lite is a small footprint database built from the ground up
> to deliver enterprise applications  to mobile devices such as laptop
> computers, handheld computers and information  appliances."


thanks chris, i appreciate the effort, but the bafflegab in those paragraphs
still leaves me flummoxed and discombobulated

just what exactly is "single user development and deployment"?

shouldn't "computability" be "compatibility"?

and please, what the fsck does "built from the ground up" mean?

marketing-speak annoys me in such an irrational yet violence-inducing way
(props to sean g on thechat for the sweet phrase)

and as far as i know, almost every laptop out there is more powerful
than my desktop here at home

so i guess i need the lite version?

no wait -- i'm a single user, so i need the personal version?

um, but hold on, i'm not actually going to develop anything, and
i'm certainly not looking to deploy it either, all i want is an engine
to test out the occasional oracle-specific sql query, e.g. one involving
ROWNUM or TO_DATE or something...

aw, the hell with it


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