[thelist] Q on events

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Tue Oct 7 01:50:30 CDT 2003

Jeff Howden wrote:

>>From: Burhan Khalid
>>I think by default IE doesn't trigger backspace key as
>>an event [...] get around that problem easily by simply
>>putting a check in your functions, something like :
> if it doesn't trigger the event, then how is the function going to trap it?
> fortunately that's not the case.  checking my references i'm not seeing
> where this should be an issue.  as of ie5, the backspace key fires the
> onkeydown [1] and onkeyup [2] events.  so, as you noted, it's simply a
> matter of checking for the proper keyCode and exiting the function (or
> whatever the desired behavior is).

I meant to say it doesn't register onkeypress. Good catch

Burhan Khalid

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