[thelist] CF: Query runs slower in ColdFusion than in Oracle

Scott Brady evolt at scottbrady.net
Tue Oct 7 07:33:23 CDT 2003

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> From: "rudy" <rudy937 at rogers.com>

> if it's exactly the same query in toad as in cf, then it's gotta be 
> something in the way they handle the communication

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.  But, it's such a striking difference (compared to what I'm used to seeing in this application -- this is not the most complex query in this application) that there must be something wrong (either in what I'm doing or in what CF is doing). 

> do you see execution timings both ways?

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by this, but if you're asking if I'm seeing execution timings in both Toad and in CF, then yes. (Toad is about 3 seconds.  CF is 25+ seconds) 

> how many records are being returned?  does toad show them all,
> or does it perhaps come back real fast with the first twenty, 
> whereas cf is not coming back until it has them all?

This particular query returns 3,500 rows (I'm going to see if I can limit the number of returned records, but because this is for data reporting, I doubt I'll be able to).  That's a lot for a single page, and I'd expect some slowness when I actually need to display these results, but I figure I'll burn that bridge when I get to it [or something like that . . . .].  

As far as what Toad's bringing back, I can't be certain, but it appears it's bringing them all back at once [if I scroll through the results, there's no delay in it displaying those new records.  The only delay occurs if I do a CTRL-END to zip down to the last record.]


Scott Brady

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