[thelist] Site check for http://www.tcf.ca/test

Tara Cleveland evolt at taracleveland.com
Tue Oct 7 08:58:52 CDT 2003

>Hi Everyone,
>I'm looking for a quick site check for a client's site:

Thanks to everyone that helped out by giving me suggestions etc.. 
Sorry I haven't been able to say thanks before now, it has been a 
chaotic week (understatement of the year).


<tip type="validation bugs in BBEdit" author="Tara Cleveland">
If you are going through your website and validating with a built-in 
validator as you go, remember that software vendor's validators are 
not the final word and may have problems and bugs. Every once in a 
while take your pages and validate them at the W3C's validator to 
avoid all your pages having the same invalid code that was missed by 
your software's validators.

It turns out that BBEdit's internal validator - while otherwise very 
good - misses double ID's in a page.

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