[thelist] CF: Query runs slower in ColdFusion than in Oracle

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Tue Oct 7 09:23:22 CDT 2003

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> I have a fairly complex query that runs drastically slower in CF than it
> within Oracle (well, Toad), and I can't figure out why.  (I'll include the

> query at the end of this e-mail).  It seems to me that if a query takes 2
> seconds for Oracle to process, it shouldn't take much longer (if any
> when cfquery is run.  It certainly shouldn't take 30 seconds to run.

One thing you need to look at is your optimizer goal.  CF by default uses
"choose" I think, while SQL Navigator uses "rule".  I've had similar
problems between Navigator and ColdFusion although I use stored procs
instead of cfquery.  Get your DBA to analyze your query from ColdFusion to
see what optimizer goal it uses.

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