[thelist] CF: Query runs slower in ColdFusion than in Oracle

Scott Brady evolt at scottbrady.net
Tue Oct 7 11:42:56 CDT 2003

Well, we've tracked down part of the issue.

One of the tables the query was pulling from was actually a view (that itself pulls from some 20 tables -- this is a very large database, in case you hadn't guessed).  The DBA gave me a version of the query that pulls from those separate tables instead, and that's helped a lot. (it now takes 10 seconds instead of 25 -- That's still a gap of seven seconds, but I think I can live with that)

Now, my main issue is that a specific DB user (the admin user) runs that query (within ColdFusion) much faster than any other user. So, I have him looking into that issue.

Thanks, everyone, for all the help!


Scott Brady

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