[thelist] style.display = 'none' and form elements

joe stowaway at uklinux.net
Tue Oct 7 13:10:27 CDT 2003

Ben Gustafson wrote:

>The inText element is still found in the checkIfHidden() loop, and it still
>gets put in the query string when the form is submitted. I have tested this
>in IE6 and NS7.1 Am I misunderstanding how display is used or what it does?

Hi Ben

I think the display property is just that - it controls how the element 
is displayed on the browser.  Your element will be hidden but it will 
still be a structural part of the form.  What you could do is use the 
DOM to remove the element - something like:

function hide()
        for (var i=0; i<elems.length; i++)
            if (elems[i].name == "inText")
                nodeToRemove  = document.getElementById("inText");



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