[thelist] Uk Telecoms / voice/dialup auto splitting UPDATE

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Wed Oct 8 01:37:34 CDT 2003

At 20:39 07/10/2003, John C Bullas wrote:
>I have just helped set up a remote dialup into a PC based closed circuit 
>surveillance system
>It dials up a modem on a PC over an existing telephone line that is used 
>for voice only at present..
>If it is connected the modem answers all calls to the line and falls over 
>if it is a voice call :) <natch>


A splitter between FAX and attempted incoming dialup might be more appropriate!

We are really  trying to keep the fax traditional & on paper as I know you 
can set up PCs to receive faxes too, but the video system
is not designed to be a PC in term of the thing being 6ft up a wall making 
the cost of employing a circus stilt walker or direct bloodline descendant 
of Robert Pershing Wadlow (to get the things printed out) expensive and 

Suggestions for either greatly received, printed out and waved around :)


>What device (and how much & where from) can I put in line to direct dialup 
>attempts to the modem and
>voice calls to the phone... will a standard voice/fax splitter doo-dad 
>http://www.lindy.com/uk/catalog/06/01/index.php like this?
>Modem is an external v56 voice fax modem 'nowt special
>Any help appreciated

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