[thelist] Anybody here using CVS on OS X?

Pete Prodoehl pete.prodoehl at cygnusinteractive.com
Wed Oct 8 09:29:53 CDT 2003

Andy Budd wrote:
> Anybody here using CVS on OS X?
> We've been toying with the idea of using it. How do people integrate 
> it's use in their workflows. Do people use any GUI's or do you just use 
> the command line only?
> Any tips or hints about using CVS on Mac OS X would be great.

I tend to use RCS a lot, since many of the projects I work on don't 
involve other people. If you've got people who aren't very familiar with 
CVS, you could start them off with using RCS to manage their own files.

I just use the command line...


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