[thelist] IE update

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 8 10:44:10 CDT 2003

>>How does the alert prevent the use of patented plugin technology?
>As I understand it it's not the plugin technology that was patented, its 
>the way it is embedded and run from within a web page. This is not a *real* 
>patent, it's one of those new fangled US software patents. You just have to 
>have an idea how something will work - you don't even have to actually 
>write any software.
>The patent refers to content running automatically, thus if the user has to 
>click 'ok' it's not automatic and the patent is irrelevant. At least that's 
>Microsofts logic.

Riiighhtt... Complicated, but it does have a point after all.

Of course if no other browser uses this, Microsoft will still have grave 

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