[thelist] Content filtering for kids site (slightly OT)

kris burford kris at midtempo.net
Wed Oct 8 15:31:48 CDT 2003

>- a filter that replaces presumably "bad" words with *** or something
>similar (same concerns as above as well as making it obvious that the
>site is censored)

hi iva,

one of the sites i manage has a rather active forum with a word censor. 
there was quite a volume of complaints about censorship which came around 
every couple of months. in the end the way it was managed was that every 
week we'd set a non-swear word as one of the censored words/phrases. then 
set clues to find the word with the first person to guess getting to select 
next weeks word/clues.

if someone gets it right no one else knows (cause it's censored) so the 
game can continue for everyone else. (and if you want to check that the 
first person has got it right, they send an email to confirm).

the end result is that the censor function has become an integral part of 
the site and no one would dream of complaining.



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