[thelist] Outlook - not checking email servers

Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Wed Oct 8 17:19:27 CDT 2003

Howdy folks, I have a weird conundrum I am working through with a customer:

One of their machines (the other works fine) will not check any pop3 or 
mail servers for mail - I can ping the servers fine and even attempt to 
telnet to them fine.
I know it is a computer error because I can check their accounts fine 
through Mozilla here at work.
They have an old Norton's running that I know of but this has caused no 
problem's in the past.
 I did notice something called "GAIN" which may / may not be spyware?

I have checked Outlooks settings and everything is fine / normal there.

I am suspecting the following:
(1) One of the kids has unknowlingly installed some kind of spyware / 
trojan which has stuffed some settings.
(2) An old version of Nortons is somehow suddenly affecting pop3 checks
(3) Leprechauns

I am going to run "Search and Destroy" on tehir system, and recommend 
they move to a mail client that is a little more removed from the OS 
(Moz mail / Thunderbird or the like)

Before I run away and do so, I was wondering if anyone had had a similar 
problem and if so - was it solvable??

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