[thelist] PHP - Server Assistance - Limiting Users on Server

Simon Willison cs1spw at bath.ac.uk
Wed Oct 8 18:20:51 CDT 2003

Brian W. Reaves wrote:

> I am performing this search on behave of our IT department so my ability 
> to answer questions will be limited.
> Question:
> Is there a way to limit which users are allowed to run PHP scripts on a 
> sever while allowing others?
> Details:
> This server does not currently have PHP installed on it.
> This server runs the college's web site.
> This server also holds all user accounts (Faculty, Students & Staff).
> Each user has their own web site and is allowed to make edits within 
> their knowledge.
> We want to add a few PHP scripts to the new web site but we do not want 
> all user accounts to be allowed to run pages with PHP scripts due to 
> security issues & server loads.
> Links to information on how to accomplish this please...

I'm absolutely positive this could be achieved using Apache's httpd.conf 
file, by enabling PHP support for specific directories while leaving it 
off for everything else. Unfortunately, my limited Apache mojo doesn't 
extend as far as knowing exactly how you would do this...


Simon Willison

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