[thelist] Web Development -- Presentation vs. Content

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 8 20:55:35 CDT 2003


Question for you guys who develop web sites.... What tools/apps do you use
to develop your sites such that the site can be modified in the future by
users other than the developers. Basically, I'm interested in getting some
quick feedback regarding tools that you've actually used that allow you to
separate the Presentation/Layout from the Content. IE. if I create a site
that has a lot of JScript/PHP/MySql as well as content. What have you used
to create the app, such that a person can later go in and change the content
without impacting the presentation layer....

Solid feedback/Pros/Cons would be appreciated....


bedouglas at earthlink.net
(925) 866-2790

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