[thelist] Competing with ASP.NET

Raditha Dissanayake jabber at raditha.com
Wed Oct 8 21:50:53 CDT 2003

Hi Ken,

Thanx for a very usefull and interesting description of ASP.NET ken. You 
could have also said ASP.NET can do most of what php does without being 
platform independent and saved yourself a lot of trouble.

NOTE: i am not referering to the .NET framework here (which i agree is a 
pretty good architecture ) but to the practicalities of using ASP.NET

Ken Schaefer wrote:

>From: "Tim Burgan" <burgan at iprimus.com.au>
>Subject: [thelist] Competing with ASP.NET
>: Can someone explain .NET, what it's used for, and why
>: it's better than ASP?
>Hi Tim,
>I suspect that you're asking about the difference between Classic ASP, and
>ASP.Net (or, at least, that's the part you're interested in).
>ASP.Net gives you a couple of advantages over Classic ASP:
>a) a wide choice of languages (C#, VB.Net etc)
>b) the use of "real" OO languages, rather than scripting languages
>c) an event driven programming environment
>d) the ability to seperate code from presentational HTML (either through the
>user of Code-Behind pages, or even in a single page model)
>e) a huge base-class library (a set of classes provided by Microsoft, plus
>you can add/download your own) for doing common tasks - for example
>authentication, or data display
>f) xcopy deployment (ie, no need to stop server to unregister/reregister
>.dlls etc)
>g) programmatic access to an entire page lifecycle
>You can get more information about ASP.Net in places like:
>If you're serious about finding out more, and delving into ASP.Net a little,
>pick up Steven Walther's "ASP.Net Unleashed" (2nd Edition), as that's
>probably the best $50 you could spend in terms of getting an introduction to
>: Is there an equivalent competitor to this technology that is not
>: Microsoft that will run with Apache/PHP etc?
>Well, it may run on Apache, but it won't be PHP. Currently it seems the only
>platform that competes across a wide range of features is Sun's Java
>Microsoft MVP - Windows Server (IIS)

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