[thelist] Outlook - not checking email servers

Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Wed Oct 8 21:55:03 CDT 2003

Ken Schaefer wrote:

>What happens when you try and check mail (errors? visual cues?)?
errors - "could not locate remote server" - even though you can ping it 
fine and check webmail on it fine etc etc
exact error:
code: 0x800CCC0E
Description: Cannot connect to server.



> Was this
>ever working before? 
yes, up 'til this Monday - client claims nothing has changed, but this 
doesn't seem logical

>What version of Outlook?
Good point - it's Outlook Express BTW (didn't mention that in my first 
post) and it is on XP - forgot to check version number

>Instead of recommending that they move to a whole different client just
>because you can't solve their problem, 
easy trigger, I'm *trying* to solve their problem - the things I have 
heard about Outlook Express' security aren't exactly confidence inspiring

>I think you should get someone who
>knows something about Outlook to examine the system, or try and troubleshoot
>the problem. 
sure if they had $150 an hour which they don't

until they do, I'll keep looking

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