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no offense....

but can we try to keep this on thread to the topic... we're trying to get a
really good feel as fast as possible on possible tools/etc....


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I am in the middle of two battles on XML/XSLT in the PHP list. So i am
going to start another one here.
If your biz logic produces it's output in XML and your presentation
layer uses XSLT that gives you tremoundous flexibility to play around
with your presentation or your lower tiers without effective the others.

For example if today you build your site with HTML and later on you need
to adapt to WML, CHTML or other kind of markup all you need to do is
create a new XSL without changing any of the other components.

shoot me guys.

bruce wrote:

>Question for you guys who develop web sites.... What tools/apps do you use
>to develop your sites such that the site can be modified in the future by
>users other than the developers. Basically, I'm interested in getting some
>quick feedback regarding tools that you've actually used that allow you to
>separate the Presentation/Layout from the Content. IE. if I create a site
>that has a lot of JScript/PHP/MySql as well as content. What have you used
>to create the app, such that a person can later go in and change the
>without impacting the presentation layer....
>Solid feedback/Pros/Cons would be appreciated....
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