[thelist] Web Development -- Presentation vs. Content

Beau Hartshorne beau at hartshorne.ca
Wed Oct 8 23:09:06 CDT 2003


This sounds great. It would separate presentation and content. But have
you ever tried to implement it? That's usually how I find out if
something really is as elegant as it sounds.

Here's an article that I read several months ago on this topic:


It all seems fairly straightforward. So what don't the PHP folks like
about this?


> If your biz logic produces it's output in XML and your presentation 
> layer uses XSLT that gives you tremoundous flexibility to play around 
> with your presentation or your lower tiers without effective 
> the others.
> For example if today you build your site with HTML and later 
> on you need 
> to adapt to WML, CHTML or other kind of markup all you need to do is 
> create a new XSL without changing any of the other components.

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