[thelist] Outlook - not checking email servers

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Thu Oct 9 01:15:34 CDT 2003


> From: Paul Bennett
> > Instead of recommending that they move to a whole
> > different client just because you can't solve their
> > problem, [...]
> easy trigger, I'm *trying* to solve their problem -
> [...]

i don't think ken is saying you're not trying to solve the problem, only
that moving them to a different client doesn't solve the issue with outlook
and has the potential for even bigger problems.  one thing you have to be
really careful of with the less-than-technical is monkeying with things
they're used to using.  change out their email client and suddenly they're
lost (and rightfully so).  suggest a switch as a lost resort because it will
be deadly for their productivity for an unforeseeable duration.

> the things I have heard about Outlook Express' security
> aren't exactly confidence inspiring

perhaps you need to get your information from a reliable source then.

the only things you need to do to take care of outlook express is to make
sure all the latest patches and updates are installed and make sure the
security zone is set to restricted (which it has been by default prior to
oe6 which ships with ie6).   at that point the only security hole left is
the same security hole that's present on the machine regardless of which
client a user is using -- the user themselves.  educate the user on proper
security precautions (not just those related to email) and they'll be that
much better off.


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