[thelist] IE update

angello angello at post.cz
Thu Oct 9 01:15:28 CDT 2003

but if understad it right, then microsoft should change it's approach in 
accessing it's drives and whole "explorer thing", because all those pie 
charts and thumbnail prewiews are implemented as objects, so i'll have 
to click o.k. everytime enter new directory or click on different file???


Adrian Simmons wrote:

> Peter-Paul Koch wrote:
>> How does the alert prevent the use of patented plugin technology?
> As I understand it it's not the plugin technology that was patented, 
> its the way it is embedded and run from within a web page. This is not 
> a *real* patent, it's one of those new fangled US software patents. 
> You just have to have an idea how something will work - you don't even 
> have to actually write any software.
> The patent refers to content running automatically, thus if the user 
> has to click 'ok' it's not automatic and the patent is irrelevant. At 
> least that's Microsofts logic.
> Adrian

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