[thelist] Web Development -- Presentation vs. Content

Andy Budd andy at message.uk.com
Thu Oct 9 03:44:03 CDT 2003

bruce wrote:

> Question for you guys who develop web sites.... What tools/apps do you 
> use
> to develop your sites such that the site can be modified in the future 
> by
> users other than the developers. Basically, I'm interested in getting 
> some
> quick feedback regarding tools that you've actually used that allow 
> you to
> separate the Presentation/Layout from the Content. IE. if I create a 
> site
> that has a lot of JScript/PHP/MySql as well as content. What have you 
> used
> to create the app, such that a person can later go in and change the 
> content
> without impacting the presentation layer....
> Solid feedback/Pros/Cons would be appreciated....

As far as "tools" go, Um  none.

Or more precisely, um BBEdit, MySQL, PHP,  CSS and valid XHTML although 
I probably wouldn't call most of these tools.

I mean you could use Dreamweaver and set templates or even use 
contribute. However it's much better to build a site thats run from a 
db and have the content separated from the business logic and the 
presentation by coding it that way. Alternatively you'll want to get 
hold of a descent CMS, however most CMS's either seem so complicated 
that you need a degree in rocket science and a year to learn them, or 
so simple as to be almost pointless. (If anybody knows a good, flexible 
but easy to learn/use CSM, please let me know).

Andy Budd


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