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Thu Oct 9 04:24:49 CDT 2003

<tip author="Darren Yates" type="Google PR">
Apparently your site can be ranked as two seperate 
sites. One with the www. and one without.
If you have the Google toolbar installed take a look
at what I mean - 
So effectively I have two sites on the same server
according to Google with duplicate copy. But thats
not quiet right in fact I have FOUR duplicates. If you
take into account the index pages for each url which
are effectively the same as the domain name alone.;-) 
Plus two different screen grabs in their cache.
This has been the case for at least two years although
I only discovered it recently.
This difference is due to my signing of with the url
minus the www. for the last couple of years.
You may have a better PR than you realise.

<tip author="Darren Yates" type="SEO Software">
I've recently looked into SEO software. The usual suspects
Submit wolf, Web Position Gold, Top dog etc
But I came across something that beats the rest hands down.
Offering submission, SE ranking, keyword popularity(as per wordtracker)
Optimisation, Html editor, Site Auditor etc
Straight link -
and my Aff link if your feeling generous.



Darren Yates
dn at dittodesign.co.uk

Check out my new site -

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