[thelist] Linux for development?

Pete Prodoehl pete.prodoehl at cygnusinteractive.com
Thu Oct 9 08:33:18 CDT 2003

Beau Hartshorne wrote:
> I am putting together a hardware list for a Linux box that I plan on
> using for development, test hosting, and browser testing. On my list is
> something called VMWare. VMWare will allow me to install a copy of
> Windows 98 SE (with IE 5 and all of it's quirks), as well as a copy of
> Windows XP (with IE 6 and all of it's quirks) that can run
> simultaneously under the host operating system.
> I will be using Apache virtual hosts to create unique environments for
> each site, and plan on setting up Samba to use the machine as a
> print/file server for the other machines in the office. A modest
> processor, a gig or two of ram, and a big hard drive running Linux
> should have no trouble handling all of this at once.
> What else could you possibly need for development?

Well, if testing Mac browser compatibility is important to you, you 
really do need a Mac. Or at least a friend with a Mac ;)

Oh, and if you happen to be running a speedy G4 you can run Mac OS X, 
Mac OS 9 (Classic Mode) as well as various PPC Linux distros, and use 
Virtual PC for Intel Linux distros and all sorts of flavors of Windows: 
NT4, Win95, Win98, Win2k, etc...


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