SV: [thelist] IE update

Marcus Andersson marcan at
Thu Oct 9 10:56:58 CDT 2003

PPK wrote:

>OK, so unmodified Flash movies show an alert. Great, and it breaks the 
>seamless embedding stuff that this patent seems to be about.
>But as soon as you document.write it into the page from a script
located in 
>a separate file, or when you use the new attribute, it doesn´t show any

>alert and the user still gets a seamless embedding experience (or words
>that effect). That breaks the patent, in my understanding.

The patent says that the executing plug-in shall be started via embedded
elements in a hypertext document. If you use document.write from an
external script to print the needed tags you get around the patent since
the tags aren't embedded in the hypertext document any more.

>The IE update is not the solution to the patent problem, and I do not 
>believe for a moment that it is meant for real distribution. In my
>it´s meant to mobilize public support in favour of Microsoft (and
>working fine, no doubt about it).

I think the solution serves it's purpose to get around the patent
(without breaking it) but the best would of course be if MS could win
this fight (first time I'v said that I believe) :)


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