[thelist] Odd results with document.history() functions...

Chris George cgeorge at basecorp.com
Thu Oct 9 11:48:20 CDT 2003

Hey all,

I got thrown into a project that makes extensive use of JS for setting
the states of buttons... The whole app runs full screen, and the client
has now asked for some "browser" buttons, (forward and back) that I had
just thrown in.

However, in testing this feature, it sometimes works and sometimes
doesn't, and in some cases the javascript-controlled button states of
other interface elements do not work (they seem to "get stuck" on)...

I know "back in the day" the history.go() funciontality was really
buggy... But never bothered to look into workarounds or even if it got
better... Or if it wasn't really buggy and we were just using it

Does anyone have some experience with this beast?


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