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Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 9 12:15:28 CDT 2003

> >OK, so unmodified Flash movies show an alert. Great, and it breaks the
> >seamless embedding stuff that this patent seems to be about.
> >
> >But as soon as you document.write it into the page from a script
>located in
> >a separate file, or when you use the new attribute, it doesn´t show any
> >alert and the user still gets a seamless embedding experience (or words
> >that effect). That breaks the patent, in my understanding.
>The patent says that the executing plug-in shall be started via embedded
>elements in a hypertext document. If you use document.write from an
>external script to print the needed tags you get around the patent since
>the tags aren't embedded in the hypertext document any more.

OK, I'm prepared to believe that.

However, the solution needs two script tags, which are embedded in the 
document. They don't count? (Could be, of course, but it sounds kind of 

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