[thelist] php equivavlent to javascript check

M.G.Noriega manuel at simplelogica.net
Fri Oct 10 04:26:41 CDT 2003

Andrew wrote:

>Hi All where can I find a good resource to chech in PHP the same as this:

function validate(){
			// $_POST is a global array containing every variable from your form		 
			    if($_POST['BillTo_Name_First'] == ""){
						echo 'You cannot leave First Name field empty"';
						return false; 

					if($_POST['email'] == ""){
						 echo 'You cannot leave Email field empty';
						 return false; 
					   txt = $_POST['email'];

                         if (!strpos(txt)){
                            echo "This email address seems wrong. Please check the prefix and '@' sign.";
	        	      return false;
						return true;

Of course, this is a straight translation . You could do a lot better, 
for example, storing every error in an array and, if that array is not 
empty after all the checks, stopping the process and showing all the 
errors at once.

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