[thelist] Photo CD Viewing Software?

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we're doing some basic research on "open source" solutions for document
workflow. basically, we'd like to be able to have a web based system were a
user can acces/modify a doc, and when finished, pass the doc along to the
next person. the system would also allow you to check on the status of a
given doc, to run basic queries, etc...

anybody have any insight into apps which fit or come close to the above



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Gina Anderson wrote:

> Got any good recommendations for a free or very cheap (-$20)
> program that will allow a non-techie to view photos on a CD with no
> program installation on the user end?

Google for IrfanView, very good, small windows freeware viewer. Can
create html albums and slideshows as well. Comes with its own
installer or can be used as standalone exe file.

Bob Haroche
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