[thelist] why doth i hate css? let me count the ways.

Dan Williams dan at ithium.net
Fri Oct 10 18:07:59 CDT 2003


That's completely over the top. I've been quietly following this discussion
from the start, and I am quite interested in what various people have to
say, as although I am very experienced with CSS I have a lot of sympathy
with Chris and his points - which I feel are very valid. (Notice the actual
subject of his email - he was making a point for discussion rather than
asking questions per se. You may wish to read more carefully in future!)

There are many aspects of CSS that are counter-intuitive, and the W3C
themselves admit this, albeit rather uneasily. CSS3 (still in draft) is due
to make life easier but there are still a lot of *stupid* things about CSS.

I've noticed a few of your replies to people in the past have been rather...
shall we say, uncalled for, as I feel everyone deserves to be treated with
fairness and respect. If you are to positively contribute to any community,
that is something you should know. I've noticed some genuinely helpful
messages from you in the past, and I would feel more comfortable if you
continued in that direction rather than having a go at people. Who gives you
the right? "If you have nothing nice to say - shut up" - an old saying ;)

Also, I don't see how this "thread" (we're not on a forum here!) has gone
off-topic - we have people debating CSS, and some very good points are being
raised (although yes, there are some stupid things being said too).


I think you have written with intelligence and respect, and remember not
everyone at evolt has the same opinion, which of course makes it such an
interesting place :)


I think everything you have said has been spot-on - some great advice given,
which I notice is a habit of yours ;) You may find this interesting:


It's a rather nice bit of CSS, and helps get around some of the problems
that have been discussed, but not all. The way height is dealt with in CSS
(as well as vertical-align and a few other choice properties) is rather bad
and does tend to make me pull out my hair at times.

Cheers all



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> From: Chris W. Parker
> M.G.Noriega <mailto:manuel at simplelogica.net>
>     on Friday, October 10, 2003 11:08 AM said:
> > I'm sure valid points can be made against the CSS specs, let's hope 
> > they are not so weak and futile as these.
> Now you're throwing insults? Great.

ok, this thread has officially spiraled *completely* offtopic.

for starting a thread that appeared to be requesting help, but in hind-sight
was a troll, you owe 3 tips.

for your snotty response to my reply with genuine help, you owe 1 tip.

for this completely useless response to a reply that was a legitimate
counter to your comments and *not* a personal attack on you, you owe another
2 tips.

that brings your grand total to 6.

pay up or shut up.


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