[thelist] cloaked spam subject lines

Jorah Lavin madstone at madstone.net
Sat Oct 11 07:47:15 CDT 2003

At 05:25 10/11/03 -0500, you wrote:
>BTW, be glad your spam was only about some hair loss prevention product.
>A large percentage of mine are about enlarging a certain part of my
>body; as for which part, that is left as an exercise to the reader.
>(Hint: I'm male.)

That matters? I'm getting about 400 bits of spam a day now, and I get so 
many drug and snakeoil offers it is amazing. I keep threatening my wife to 
take some of each... I'll be able to star in kinky videos, since I'll have 
both male and female parts in amazing proportions, and I'll be able to 
sleep well with all of the Soma and Ambien I get without prescriptions, and 
if the video market falls apart, I'll be able to Start A Business From Home 
With Startling Results!

<tip type="Clean up spam traps">
I recently realized that a lot of the spam I get isn't randomly addressed, 
but is related to a small business venture my wife and I tried to start 
back in '96. The site still had interest to a lot of people, so we'd never 
taken it down. I downloaded all of the HTML to my machine and started 
looking through it. Sure enough, almost every page had at least one, and in 
some cases up to 4 linked email address. The flood of spam I get is mostly 
due to my own idiocy (in my defense, spam was hardly an issue in '96/97!) 
So, if you have old sites still online, check to see if your email address 
is exposed out there. Now that I've done some cleanup, the only places that 
Google can find my address is in old email list archive... mostly in 
TheList, sadly.

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