[thelist] why doth i hate css? let me count the ways.

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Sat Oct 11 15:22:37 CDT 2003

> > Apply one table, put content divs in it and style these 
> divs. I often 
> > make sites that way, even though I love CSS.
> That doesn't mean it's good practice.

Shawn, do you use CSS for layout when your visitors will be using
Netscape 4? I'm mystified by your comments. You seem to be arguing that
using tables for layout is a dead art, and that we should all be using
CSS wholeheartedly instead. It's a nice dream, and if you limit your
layouts, it's achievable, but if you're working for real clients in the
real world, I just can't see how you can deliver.

Could we see how your advanced CSS layouts work in Netscape 4? I'm sure
we'd all love to learn how to do it.


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