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M.G.Noriega manuel at simplelogica.net
Sat Oct 11 15:40:18 CDT 2003

M.G.Noriega wrote:

> Clive R Sweeney wrote:
>> I'm trying to create a glossary page. The original page contains a few
>> thousand entries (I'm told) and the resulting download size for this one
>> page is over 900KB. Apparently it was created from a Word doc and so
>> there is some nasty "msonormal" markup/css. Obviously I could reduce the
>> page size significantly by optimizing the markup and CSS. A first short
> <snip />
> Just try
> dd, dt {display:inline;}
> should work :)
I was a bit too quick, with that you get no line break after the dt and 
at the beginning of the dd, which is cool, but neither after the dd and 
that's not cool.

I'm not sure if using a <br> is too hackish/ugly or there's a better CSS 
way. IIRC, <br> is not deprecated or recommended against, but i could be 

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