[thelist] why doth i hate css? let me count the ways.

MaKo shark at mako4css.com
Sat Oct 11 17:33:27 CDT 2003

> Back to the example, I'm basically trying to make this design work
> JS and without Tables:
> http://www.delnortehistory.org/designs/1/index.html
> (look at it in IE 6.0 for the intended visual effect, view in Moz to see
> problem)
> The design is what the client wants and is what I'm trying to give them.
> I use pure css then the background image and color on the left are cut
> the page-fold, regardless of how long the content is... what a drag!


if I had to do something like that, then I would:

a) give the body a background-image of the green stripe, the dark border
and a bit of white;
b) repeat that image along the y-axis
c) declare the background-color of the body as white
d) overlay a navigational <div> with absolute positioning over the dark
green area,
e) declare the background image of that <div> as the tree image
f) fill in my navigational content over that tree-background image
g) position the main content area statically with a left margin that gives
the navigational <div> enough room
h) declare a right margin that is either flexible (%, em) or, if this is
not what I want, specify the width of the main content area

That should be quite easy.

-- HTH


...just when you thought it was safe to go back into the wwwater...

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