[thelist] cloaked spam subject lines

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Sun Oct 12 13:30:31 CDT 2003

>. The flood of spam I get is mostly due to my own idiocy (in my defense, 
>spam was hardly an issue in '96/97!) So, if you have old sites still 
>online, check to see if your email address is exposed out there. Now that 
>I've done some cleanup, the only places that Google can find my address is 
>in old email list archive... mostly in TheList, sadly.

I did a

find "@"

search in my FTP area and eliminated all the exposed email addresses and 
either added a link to a mailform or replaced the mailto: with a browser 
parsed javascript (no email adresses visible in the text)

still a legacy of them, luckily they are all "dispensible" so get deleted 
when incoming

Liverpool University Alumni published all email addresses of the alumni 
"visible" ( mailto:) so am still being festooned at my hotmail address as 
they seem to refuse to take them down :)


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