[thelist] why doth i hate css? let me count the ways.

Kath kath at cyber-kat.com
Sun Oct 12 14:12:20 CDT 2003

I'm basically on a fence when it comes to using CSS instead of tables.  I 
freely admit that while, I'm learning a lot about the more advanced 
features CSS, don't have a complete grasp of it.  I do see the advantages 
of using CSS rather than tables for layout - especially going forward, but 
I don't think, like some, that using tables in a pinch is a bad thing.

In theory, I do see that tables are intended for tabular data, in reality, 
we often use the wrong tool for a task, simply because it works.  At least 
I do.  I know that screwdrivers are for putting in and taking out screws, 
but I find them very handy for taking the lid off a can of paint.

Baking soda was intended for baking, but thanks to some creative thinking 
it has evolved into a product for doing all sorts of things.

Coat hangers were meant to hang coats, but until the auto-makers changed 
the lock buttons on cars, they came in very handy for opening a car when 
you left your keys inside.  I could go on, but I think you get my drift.

That said, I have been working with CSS where I can and have the time to 
bang my head on the desk when things don't work the way I planned.

About a year ago, I redid my personal site without tables.  I've learned a 
lot in the meantime and I must go back and bring it up to dote.

At 05:29 PM 10/11/2003, Josh wrote:
>I theorize this is why soooo many tableless designs look like blogs and
>typically do not have background texture (which if chosen well are not a bad
>thing), borders, shading etc... many of the things print designers--who are
>often involved with web projects--are used to and want to see on the

Maybe they do, because it's a place to start, but I don't think my site - 
http://www.cyber-kat.com/home/index.html looks like a blog.  In fact, I 
designed it before I even knew what a blog was!

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