[thelist] Loading data in Flash (interfacing with PHP)

mike karthauser mikek at brightstorm.co.uk
Wed Oct 29 07:21:56 CST 2003

on 29/10/03 1:11 pm, João Verde at verde at sardware.com wrote:

> I've seen numerous articles and tutorials on how to send data to Flash
> using the LoadVariablesNum, which is fine regarding text.
> What I'm yet to see, and don't really know if it's possible, is how to
> load binary data into a Flash movie in real-time.
> What I need is for a flash movie to replace an instance of an object
> with a binary fed by a PHP script. Can this be done?
> I don't do Flash myself. I'm working on this with a friend who does.
> My part is PHP only and we're quite puzzled on how to accomplish this.

Get your script to generate a binary (Image) and save to the server. You can
then use loadmovie with the filename of the image.

Look at  

that explains how to create a flash movie that imports images from a webcam.

There is a perl script on the final page of the article that does what you
are trying to do in php.


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