[thelist] Tiling Div backgrounds 100%

Nick Wilson nick at stylesheet.org
Fri Oct 31 14:56:30 CST 2003

* and then Scott Brady declared....
> Original Message:
> > From: Nick Wilson <nick at stylesheet.org>
> > And are the layers 100% too?
> Yeah, they are 100% in height.  I think the issue may be that the layers don't start at a vertical position of 0px, so it's like it's calculating what a height of 100% of the content would be, and then making the DIV that height. But, since the div starts at, say, 120px, it's making the div 120px + (100% of the content)px in height.
> Is that what it's supposed to do?

Yep, 100% of it's *container* - I always avoid that kind of malarkey
meself, saves a lot of pain and heartache ;-)

Nick W

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