[thelist] a portfolio of web work?

Ryan Tames rytames at telusplanet.net
Mon Dec 15 02:47:56 CST 2003

On 14 Dec 2003 at 11:36, mike karthauser wrote:

> Great Idea, but what's wrong with a CD? I'd be surprised if your
> portfolio is over 600Mb? We host 20 client sites on our servers and
> the sites only use around 250Mb if that.

A Cd is fine. But I was trying to get a thought pattern more
orientated towards DVD. A CD with a flash front-end, and a auto
runner, is more then fine.

In my own mind though, I was thinking more of the personal info...
in a interactive form, but based on audio/video. Something to
leave with the interviewer, for after the interview.

could be a business card CD. But the DVD aspect is what I wanted
folks to visualize. 

> I'm happy with looking at personal websites if we are recruiting
> people who are developers and designers. If you are planning to do a
> CD portfolio - make sure the viewer gets the point in less than 10
> minutes. You may feel that you want to put in as much detail as you
> can, but there is such a thing as overkill.

Well, I just got a cd burner; really, a Cd portfolio to me, is just
another aspect of usage. But for me, I plan on going more towards
the multimedia aspects, and not just web design.

I think of it as a sample, specially created for one purpose,
'job hunting'. I was getting more towards the interface aspects,
for that one purpose (*and all the other purposes and _presentations_
that go along with job hunting*).

> I normally spend less than 15 minutes looking at applicants CV's,
> portfolio's and websites - time is precious, don't waste it.

That was part of the point to: Interface design, that allows speedy access
to the information. But you know, the possibilities are quite global.

I'm not talking flashy content, but more personalized content, that
goes beyond looking at a portfolio, but more into creating a slight
dependancy , even if it means offering a sub section on the 'cd' based
on tips and tricks, or design 'gottas' and how to overcome them, or what 

You know. something that may allow your portfolio to be taken out
again and again, and each time there is your name.

it certainly is not as easy as i make it out to be, but i believe theres
a certain edge in that sort of presentation. heck, even for creative
works, that would be a nice token (tips, tricks, recipes, what ever) to give 
your customers.

but now i gave away my idea ;o)


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