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John Handelaar john at videoisland.com
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> Hi
> My mum (can you tell I've been doing my Christmas rounds?) has got those
> popup messages that seem to be plaguing people nowadays. I don't even know
> what they're called .. they are messages exploiting an open port in
> Windows XP.
> Now she's tried to download and run a number of firewalls and failed to
> get them to run, or hasn't understood how to make them work.
> Does anyone have a fix for the problem or a favourite dead simple firewall
> with a foolproof installation that I can point her at?


a) This is off-topic for a web-dev list so I'll *encourage* you to
   'pay' for this with a <tip> or two (example below)

b) Go to Administrative Tools (you'll need to enable its appearance
   by right-clicking on the toolbar and choosing 'Properties'), then
   'Services' and disable the 'Windows Messenger' service.  Other than
   in an office environment it serves no real purpose.  Or get your
   personal firewall software to block incoming port 139.

<tip type="apache">

Run your own server?  Rotate the logs, else eventually a single logfile
may get to 2Gb in size and disable your box entirely.

http://www.cronolog.org has a nice tool for it.


Sometimes, tip-posters, you'll notice you end up posting tips which
you yourself havent got around to using yet.  Generally you'll find
that if it was good enough to share, you *really* should.  Not that
I'm speaking from experience or anything.  :-|


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