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OK, thanks everyone.

Use a 2D draughting package to mock-up your layouts before making them up
in HTML/CSS. It's particularly useful if you're using CSS positioning, as
you can quickly and easily calculate or find the co-ordinates for any

I use and recommend Deltacad <http://www.dcad.com/>

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>> Hi
>> My mum (can you tell I've been doing my Christmas rounds?) has got
>> those popup messages that seem to be plaguing people nowadays. I don't
>> even know what they're called .. they are messages exploiting an open
>> port in Windows XP.
>> Now she's tried to download and run a number of firewalls and failed
>> to get them to run, or hasn't understood how to make them work.
>> Does anyone have a fix for the problem or a favourite dead simple
>> firewall with a foolproof installation that I can point her at?
> John
> a) This is off-topic for a web-dev list so I'll *encourage* you to
>    'pay' for this with a <tip> or two (example below)
> b) Go to Administrative Tools (you'll need to enable its appearance
>    by right-clicking on the toolbar and choosing 'Properties'), then
> 'Services' and disable the 'Windows Messenger' service.  Other than
> in an office environment it serves no real purpose.  Or get your
> personal firewall software to block incoming port 139.
> <tip type="apache">
> Run your own server?  Rotate the logs, else eventually a single logfile
> may get to 2Gb in size and disable your box entirely.
> http://www.cronolog.org has a nice tool for it.
> </tip>
> <tip>
> Sometimes, tip-posters, you'll notice you end up posting tips which you
> yourself havent got around to using yet.  Generally you'll find that if
> it was good enough to share, you *really* should.  Not that I'm speaking
> from experience or anything.  :-|
> </tip>
> jh
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