[thelist] Marking up chapter.verse (or chapter.section)

Timothy J. Luoma luomat at peak.org
Mon Dec 15 11:24:24 CST 2003

On Mon, 15 Dec 2003, Norman Beresford wrote:

> Hi Tim
> AFAIK the idea behind XHTML is that it is XML.  Hence the need to quote
> all attributes, provide closing tags for everything etc.  So an XML
> parser will deal with XHTML as easily as any other form of XML.

Well I've been using XHTML exclusively and 1.0 strict for awhile now... I 
guess that would be a good next step.

> Really what I was getting at is that you need to think more about how to
> break your data down.


> Transforming XML is easy using XSL and there's a load of online
> resources to help you learn how to do it (and you don't have to
> transform your data from XML into (X)HTML, you can transform it into
> PDF's, SVG's or even a different XML document).

I do have PHP on the server, and I'm sure once I start looking I'll be 
amazed at the number of tools that are out there that I never knew 

> I'll try and dig a few out for you and email them to the list.  

That'd be great.  XML is one of those topics it is nearly impossible to 
google for, because there's so much cruft out there.  

I get the overall concept of XML.. it's the implementation that I'm 
wondering about.


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