[thelist] Outlook printing broken images

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 15 14:23:39 CST 2003

so, let's say i send you an HTML-formatted receipt with the 
company logo in it, referenced from a web page (as opposed to 
being included in the message as an attachment)...

and you're in a group of Outlook 2000 users on Windows 2000 
machines... and everyone in your group sees the image in the 
email with no problem...

but when you print it from Outlook, if you're running IE5.5, the 
image shows up as a broken image icon...

however, if you print from Outlook and you're running IE6, the 
image prints just fine...

anybody ever stumbled across this before?

my latest book project:
  Web Graphics for Non-Designers
  ISBN: 1590591712

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