[thelist] Outlook printing broken images

s t e f stef at nota-bene.org
Mon Dec 15 14:52:49 CST 2003

<quote who="aardvark" when="15/12/03 21:23">
> so, let's say i send you an HTML-formatted receipt with the 
> company logo in it, referenced from a web page (as opposed to 
> being included in the message as an attachment)...
> and you're in a group of Outlook 2000 users on Windows 2000 
> machines... and everyone in your group sees the image in the 
> email with no problem...
> but when you print it from Outlook, if you're running IE5.5, the 
> image shows up as a broken image icon...
> however, if you print from Outlook and you're running IE6, the 
> image prints just fine...
> anybody ever stumbled across this before?

Dumb question maybe, but have you checked internet preferences?

One sure thing is: the control panel for IE5.5 and IE6 aren't exactly 
done the same way, so maybe there's something, either in security or in 
connection settings...?

(my 2cents of Euros)

s t e f

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