[thelist] RegExp for name validation...

Chris Brody subscriptions at cbrody.com
Mon Dec 15 17:47:14 CST 2003

jsWalter wrote on 15 December 2003 23:01:

> assuming

You make many assumptions, most of which are incorrect even if considering
only British names. A double-barrelled name is often /not/ hyphenated, and
neither middle initials nor titles take a following full-stop (or "period",
e.g. "Sir Michael P Jagger".) Also, a name may be followed by an honorific:
"Mr Andreas Whittam Smith, CBE".

> Sorry, too many "why do you need this" message today.

Well, what did you expect? I don't think you will get much help here either
unless you are able to explain what you mean by "validating" a name. Are you
referring to pre-existing data, or are you capturing new information? You
really need at least four separate fields in order to capture all possible
variations, and if you want to be able to sort the names correctly: Prefix,
Forename(s), Surname(s), Suffix.



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